A type of adult anime or hentai which features characters (stereotypically and disturbingly young females) getting sexually violated by penis-shaped tentacles of a demon or mollusk or malfunctioning machine. Usually the tentacles produce an impossible amount of semen, and in some cases, the victim is fucked to death. How somebody can create or even get off on that shit is beyond all known logic.
Wapanese otaku are known to masturbate furiously to tentacle-rape hentai pics.
by otaku killer September 2, 2003
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Usually in adult-oriented Japanese Anime, when a large tentacled monster violates a woman in several orifices with his tentacles.

Also used synonymously with phrases like "took it up the ass"
Man, I got fucking tentacle raped at work.
by Omniverse March 28, 2003
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The act of sexually assaulting a woman with tentacles. Since no human being can really sprout tentacles, this is generally restricted to Japanese Hentai. A versatile entity, such as a robot or alien, can perform tentacle rape on multiple victims at the same time.
Guy: you're a freaky slut aren't you
Girl: yea baby, give it to me
<Guy sprouts tentacles and rapes her orfices>
by blarg July 8, 2004
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when a hot hentai chick gets raped by tentacles duh
I'd love to tell one of the best free tentacle sex stories. Once a girl went to visit her friend who lived far away from famous river. When the sexy hentai girl reached the bridge she met a real tentacle monster! It was an ugly and brutal creature that loves sweet babe's pussies. It suddenly attacks the girl and twines her so fiercely. Our sexy teen babe is shocked of reality. But there is no time to think! The monster prepared to give this horny bitch a real tentacles fuck ride! Adorable pretty girl tries to resist tentacle rape hentai action but every motion hurts. Soon babe stopped to fight and got top pleasure of hard tentacle fuck that she had firstly in her life!
by lonewolf1337 January 10, 2011
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Person1: You should search tentacle rape on google
Person2: Okay?
by Tentacle-Raper November 12, 2019
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