This is the day to send a nude to your fellow soldier that has just completed No Nut November. This is the first time your soldier will have nutted in a whole month so make sure you have the most prime picture possible.
Dude! I can’t wait until December 1st because that’s when I can finally bust!
by Jimmony Crickets May 28, 2020
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National sleep in day! Sleep in! No work, No school! No nothing!
Bro have you heard of December 1?" Nah, what is it?" National sleep in day!"
by amazingcraft569[Ur gay] November 6, 2019
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Today is national find you’re friend a boyfriend day. cough cough gavriella is single
amaya: it’s december 1st i better go find my friend a boyfriend
by Mrs. Ella November 1, 2019
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the day all guys are excited for
person 1: "i can't wait for December 1"

person 2: "why?"

person 1: "because it all cums out ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)"
by -0w0- November 18, 2019
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People born in December have a big open heart but can be very stubborn when needed. They are gorgeous and are bound to have a boyfriend/girlfriend. You are lucky to know a December 1 person.
Person 1: Did you know her birthday is on December 1.
Person 2: Yes , of course, look at her.
by Help oh no December 16, 2019
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National Walk Your Pet to A Starbucks and Invite them for a Pupicino
Me and Mike are going to starbucks tomorrow because it’s December 1
by Nationalgeographicluis October 27, 2019
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