This is the day to send a nude to your fellow soldier that has just completed No Nut November. This is the first time your soldier will have nutted in a whole month so make sure you have the most prime picture possible.
Dude! I can’t wait until December 1st because that’s when I can finally bust!
by Jimmony Crickets May 28, 2020
National sleep in day! Sleep in! No work, No school! No nothing!
Bro have you heard of December 1?" Nah, what is it?" National sleep in day!"
by amazingcraft569[Ur gay] November 6, 2019
the day all guys are excited for
person 1: "i can't wait for December 1"

person 2: "why?"

person 1: "because it all cums out ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)"
by -0w0- November 18, 2019
Today is national find you’re friend a boyfriend day. cough cough gavriella is single
amaya: it’s december 1st i better go find my friend a boyfriend
by Mrs. Ella November 1, 2019
National Walk Your Pet to A Starbucks and Invite them for a Pupicino
Me and Mike are going to starbucks tomorrow because it’s December 1
by Nationalgeographicluis October 27, 2019
National End of No Nut November, more commonly known as NENNN. It marks the end of the month where you cannot nut and you can finally ejaculate to your heart’s content.
Guy 1: It’s December 1! No Nut November has finally ended!

Guy 2: I can finally fuck my girlfriend again! Have I introduced you to her yet? Her name’s Righty. Shhhh though, I’m cheating on her with her twin sister Lefty.

Guy 1: Fuck man-
by liamwh November 2, 2019