to give new life or freshness; to take recreation; to create again;
We are going to recreate the beach with this sandbox and pool.
by Shaymin the Dictionary Queen November 5, 2011
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For use by anyone, not meant for any one person. Communal, opposite of prescription. Often shortened to rec
Yeah man, you can have the lemonade in the fridge it’s recreational.
by rocktheon September 17, 2019
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I was thinking about doing some recreating at the National Park this weekend.
by Pickle Controller November 30, 2018
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pronounced - reh-cre-ate

root: recreate
past tense of word recreate

word tree: recreate, recreation, recreated

late Middle English (also in the sense ‘mental or spiritual consolation’): via Old French from Latin recreatio(n-), from recreare ‘create again, renew’.
Jack: Mary, what did you do this weekend?
Mary: Hey Jack, I recreated at the beach!
by wordref_origins February 11, 2021
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Term to collectively describe drugs and/or alcohol.
"Mate, gathering at mine tonight - you in?"
"I dunno bro, will there be recreationals?"
"Yeah, we've got 6 litres of vodka between 5 of us and Zak's bringing some ganj"
by xOHatz January 27, 2013
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in reference to an "illegal activity" created by the boys of ridgewood, new jersey.
a: yo man you down for the recreational tonight?
j: yeah man..
by Anna Allen - Olive Bernette December 5, 2005
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Otherwise known as Lot Lizards, hookers or prostitutes. They hang around truck stops and offer lonely drivers companionship for a little while and charge a small fee.
As gear jamming Johnny swung his rig into the highway oasis he noted many Recreational Reptiles hanging around.
by jpg3 October 14, 2012
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