Short for User Interface. Often related to games. Some games have the opportunity to install addons to change the user interface.
WoW-gamer1: zomg what a nice UI on that screenshot!!1one
WoW-gamer2: y, i know ^_^ but mine is teh most 1337!!1
by Håkon September 5, 2006
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Those clowns at MSNBC sure are UIs for the commies.
by Dr Trey October 2, 2021
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It is an acronym which stands for Ugly Indians. It is mainly used among friends while surrounded by a group of fugly brown people mainly of the Indian origin.
OMG look, there are so many UIs on this Air India flight.

There are UIs in every corner of this world.
by MSD007 January 3, 2012
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The South African version of Chuck Norris but more interesting. Some people believe that the Dos Equis man was based on an Uys.
Here comes Uys... He is so badass, if I was a baddie I'd be scared. My wife finds Uys attractive, he makes me feel insufficient.
by Lettiez April 11, 2010
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