Someone who takes all your kills then doesnt save your life
I was playing Call Of Duty, and my teammate was such an ass. He took all my kills and watched me died.
by EnvyDaMonkey February 25, 2017
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the closest bond between to people EVER. even more then marriage.
Wow, Ariel and Sarah really are some hot teammates!
by awwwyeah June 1, 2011
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Apes that can't do anything
Guy 1: Omg, i 'm hardstuck bronze yasuo main and i can't get out of it because i have retard teammates
by ilikedik123 December 17, 2017
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A person who much rather go and loot and land in a different area than land with his teammate and afterward not help and claim he carries
Dollar is a fake teammate much rather go and let his team die than help out and claims to be a pro player.
by The real23 March 15, 2019
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The point at which you and your friend aren't just friendgirl and friendboy anymore, but you are banging on the regular to try to improve in the bedroom. You and your sex teammate may develop feelings for eachother and have the potential to become something more.
Patrick and princess used to just be friends, but now they're sex teammates. If omly they didn't live 1000 miles apart...
by Prock20 March 19, 2014
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When the teammate(s) you're with are completely brainless and don't do anything of value.
Commonly associated with games where bad teammates are common (I.E Warzone)
John: Did you see Dave last night?
Steve: Yeah, he's got total Teammate Syndrome
by bagoonga August 6, 2021
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A sacret bond that is not supposed to be broken by Primož and Anže( Any onther Teammates in the world)

-Teammates shall sit together in class
-Teammates shall not hurt each other unless its realy necessary
-If teammates play on oposite teams they should cover each other
-A teammate will help cheat the other teammate on the test
-If the teammate would be broken by any party in it he has to be punished by death or getting his balls removed
-The only way to break teammate agreement is by getting molested by a horse for 8 straight hours
-Teammates are not supposed to stop playing a sport wich is selected by the parties of the agreement
-Teammates shall go eat together atleast once a month
-Sexual harrasment is off limits unless the parties in the agreement are gay
-If teammates play 1-1 they have to give it all

-Trash talking is allowed

-Teammates are not supposed to expose each other publicly or on social media
-If teammate breaks anohers teammates ankles they are ititled to bitchslapping him
-Teammates shall respect the Teammate Agreement at 100%
Anže broke the Teammate Agreement by sitting with Guštl
by Dicklord123 December 13, 2018
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