Bob: yo did u see Ariel this morning?
Kevin: yeah dude hes such a fucking legend
by Lucifesh April 26, 2019
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A really awesome person who's super fun to hang around! They usually have a liking for stuffed animals, and love the snow and snowflakes during winter. They are always amazingly nice and super cool, wonderful people!
"Dude, have you ever met someone more awesome than Ariel?"
by Falewale April 26, 2012
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A beautiful young lady who is very caring and loving but hides her feelings , she's very smart and the room lights up everytime she walks in . She keep smiles on people face and is not that loud but when you tick her off she's more like a siren people love ariel's there beautiful , talented , and very smart .
by OG.💸 August 4, 2015
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A person who really invests them self in caring for other people.
"I love Ariel!"
by RhubarbPIE February 24, 2019
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A beautiful girl who is not afraid of anyone
She loves a good fight
The best friend you have always wanted
If you date her she's a keeper
She will always be yours
She will love you unconditionally
She is my Ariel and no one elses
by Zach the great June 2, 2015
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The most beautiful girl in the universe!!! Also known as perfection. Ariel is a princess, and everyone treats her like one. A sexy chick who is also very intelligent. Ariel Knows what she wants, and eventually she'll get it. Every boy wants to go with an Ariel. She has both brains beauty, and contains a wonderful personality. She is honest, and a wonderful friend. She is'nt a fighter, but will be bullied by none. She is extremely mature for her age. She also knows how to party, and makes everyone laugh. Knows everyone, she has numerous friends She is overall perfection!!!
Everyone loves Ariel, unless you're a friggen gay biter!!!
by tweety4eva_ari_7 ily babe March 3, 2009
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Ariel's are usually teased about their name being the same as that of a Disney character. they are really not like that character at all, tomboys for the most part any guy would be lucky to have her. she has an awesome sense of humor and shes easy to get along with everyone loves Ariel.
guy: whos that girl?

ariel's buddy: u have noooo chance buddy
by melAnie424 December 31, 2011
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