When a gamer has played an absurd number of games but still can't manage to git gud
"Dude did you see that guy's match history?"
"Ya 500+ games on garen and still in silver"
"Man talk about hardstuck"
by poopnugget88 September 21, 2017
When a player gets stuck at a certain level despite trying to get out of it, spending a ridiculous amount of time for no return and getting frustrated af.
Mark: Yo Lars, did you check Miron's op.gg ?

Lars: Yeah boi, back to Gold 2 omegalul.
Mark : Omegalul, dat boi hardstuck af.
by Lil Shlomo July 24, 2020
English twitch streamer MissBaffy, known as Baffy on EUW is a prime example of someone who is hardstuck. 400 games, 48% wr P4.
Have you seen MissBaffy’s stream mate?

- Unfortunately, yes... she’s that hardstuck egirl janna main on EUW right?

by 12tompa26 March 11, 2021
Being stuck in the same rank for extended periods of time despite having hundreds of hours dedicated to trying to climb out.
Mate 1: Bro have you checked Diamond Dave's rank this week?

Mate 2: Nah, is he still hardstuck?
by ClapWhenThePlaneLands February 27, 2021
a rengar main who is stuck in Plat.

Example: Name Unkown
This hardstuck niggercat ruins all my games in plat!
by RicoDesigns August 29, 2017