Girl: Tommy, lets make an agreement. I call the key lime, you get the pudding.

Guy: Okay. *Inside head: HELL YESSSS*
by PlatypusFTW January 29, 2012
when a group of friends or 2 people agree to the same idea or thing. Although it is silly or mental.
We are agreementals . ( noun)
She is my agreemental friend ( adj )
by buddy 1234 April 5, 2016
when a group of friends / anyone agree on the same silly/ mental idea.
Used in goofy cicumstances

Noun/ Adj
We are soo agreemental.
The agreementals are at it again!
by buddy 1234 April 12, 2016
An agreement generally between two males or occasionaly two parties (I.E countries) in which an informal agreement is made as apposed to something that is signed and ratified and usually has no legal basis, it is simply a man giving his word that he will do something which is based on the traditional value of honour amongst gentlemen. That should one man break his end of the agreement his Honour and trustworthiness will be called into repute and his status as a gentleman is finished. More modern language is likely used such as "losing your man card" for breaches of the agreement but the principle stays the same.

Has been used many times in the past particularly during war amongst generals (who were considered men of honour) to broker such things as temporary ceasefires to evacuate wounded men, or the famous Christmas truce in WW1.

A more modern and simpler example would be if two guys were watching a sports game and they decided to bet each other on the outcome. The agreement is informal but there is a gentlemans agreement to follow through and pay up should one lose. Failure to pay on losing would be a breach of the gentlemans agreement and the loser runs the risk of being known as a bad payer and people would be less likely to bet with him in the future thus tarnishing his reputation and his word
The Christmas truce of 1914 was a prime example of a gentlemans agreement. That each man would lay his weapons down for the sake of the unofficial ceasefire, with each man effectively upholding a gentlemans agreement that they would not attack
by ArkadyVasiliev June 5, 2017
A verbal agreement established by a Quality Control Manager and made with another person or group of people. It is manadatory that for a gentlemens agreement to take place that a paper trail must not exist, and the party that iniates and finalizes the gentlemens agreement must notify a third party that everything is under control because I made a gentlemens agreement with them. Great caution must be excercised when forming this type of agreement because it is not legally binding in any way and can result in a negative outcome.
I realize that we were directed in writing to correct the elevation of the sprinkler heads, but dont worry because I made a gentlemens agreement to only correct some of the sprinkler heads.
by Magnus Ver Magnussen May 6, 2010
The Paris Agreement is a treaty that was signed by the leaders of 195 countries. The purpose of the agreement is to signficantly reduce global warming and emissions by 2020. By 2100, the Paris Agreement intends to eliminate emissions altogether and end global warming for good.
I am totally in favor of the Paris Agreement because emissions and global warming are terrible for the envionment.
by PWS27 June 1, 2017
A legal or binding agreement that describes a relationship between two or more entities, that takes into account every possible scenario or outcome, is extremely defined, articulate, diverse and all-encompassing, and provides clear consequences as a result of deviations from generally accepted guidelines, rules or methodologies.
Adam signed the Sheldon agreement, without reading the 200 page document, needed to buy a telephone.
by GMASS October 17, 2012