The world's worst three words that a girl never wants to hear when they are in love so deeply with someone
Can we just be friends.

We can still just be friends
by Honestasia August 23, 2017
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The term “Just a Friend” is used by the character Adrien in Miraculous used to describe his oblivious feelings for Marinette (the main protagonist)

This is also a triggering phrase for Miraculous watchers
First day of school and we already have two lovebirds.. Whatever, she’s ‘just a friend’.”
by Marichat725 August 25, 2018
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What the stupid model calls Marinette. COME ON STOP FRIEND ZONING HER.
Idk I just wanna let you know wtf is wrong with Adrien agreste. sHouLd iNclUde tHe wOrD bEinG dEfinED. Just a friend
by txt furry June 27, 2020
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when a famous model, is absolutely blind when it comes to love.
he loves a girl with his heart and soul, but keeps on calling her "just a friend"
alya: yo adrien! what do you think of marinette?
adrien, who's practically doodling hearts with the name 'marinette': marinette? yeah, she's just a friend!
alya: oooooohhh boy...
by ladybvg May 12, 2019
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