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A person with below 0 iq, which is impossible in itself, but somehow the children below 9 who play him achieve it. Yasuo is the only kid friendly champion in league without any NSFW+ ties online because only children play him. He is the most cancerous champion in existence, second only to Teemo, the devil himself.
Typical Yasuo main.

Dirty Scumbag yasuo main.

You're a yasuo main? I don't know you anymore
by TEGX221 August 27, 2017
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A dude that mainly plays the League of Legends character "Yasuo'' that is completly over powered and broken.
Making them an complete asshole
''Hey dude do you play LoL?'' ''Yeah i am an Yasuo main ''
"fuck you''
by YyAssUuOo February 18, 2018
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