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A person with below 0 iq, which is impossible in itself, but somehow the children below 9 who play him achieve it. Yasuo is the only kid friendly champion in league without any NSFW+ ties online because only children play him. He is the most cancerous champion in existence, second only to Teemo, the devil himself.
Typical Yasuo main.

Dirty Scumbag yasuo main.

You're a yasuo main? I don't know you anymore
by TEGX221 August 27, 2017
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Derived from the game League Of legends a Yasuo main has accomplished nothing and will never do anything in his life, they are usually stuck in this bubble where they think are awesome because they play someone who takes no skill.
yasuo main: hi i'm a yasuo main
normal person: you shall be purged with fire you waste of space
by i get beat by my parents September 12, 2018
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A dude that mainly plays the League of Legends character "Yasuo'' that is completly over powered and broken.
Making them an complete asshole
''Hey dude do you play LoL?'' ''Yeah i am an Yasuo main ''
"fuck you''
by YyAssUuOo February 18, 2018
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