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When someone stretches out all of their fingers and penetrates their hand into your side causing a tingling sensation. Most people add a sound to make it feel more realistic such as tsst!
I tried to punch him but that loser does nothing but Tazer people.
by Koala Raven March 17, 2011
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A sexual act involving taking the "shocker" (two in the pink, one in the stink) and dual-wielding. It is preformed by taking both hands and doing the "shocker" while your hands are crossed so the backs of your hands are touching. Then the tazer is finished by swiftly alternating hands back and forth while keeping your pinky fingers separated slightly to loosen up a female's sphincter to cause an electrifying sensation.
So I was about do this chick in the butt last night, but she was a little uncooperative, so I just gave her the tazer to loosen her up instead.
by Nokia Man February 7, 2009
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* shoots black man with a 9mm Glock *
by Shmellzy_2 April 16, 2021
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To be drunk and/or high. The word is derived from an incident of college students being caught smoking weed outside a dormitory building by police. Upon discovering the kids, the police snuck up behind and tazered them into submission. Though the origin of the word is weed-related, it is more often used in reference to being drunk.
Last night, Kevin came back to the dorm really tazered. He was pounding on doors and being a drunken bastard.
by J. Eklow January 30, 2005
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The accidential (sometimes intentional) jab of the penis into the anus of a female expecting doggy style sex. The jolt experienced by the victim is not unlike the result of a police tazer.
My wife wouldn't let me finish after I accidentally slipped her the tazer. I swear it was an accident this time.
by Long Rod Von Heusen Dong II October 29, 2010
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When you finger the vagina and move in all around in side.
Chris finger tazer me twice last night
by Blue girll April 9, 2019
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is when you were unsuccessful of out running the cops you scream: "dont taze me bro", cop deploys his tazer gun and you dance
mwahahahahaha I made that nigga tazer dance last night
by Asshole111111111111111111 September 9, 2009
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