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The male version of a bra for your testes. This underwear is mainly worn by boys who need their large testicles to be supported. Often mocked by boys with small balls.
I need some briefs, or my balls will swing around when I walk.
by J. Eklow March 01, 2005

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A brand of flavored vodkas. Though the line includes UV Green (Apple), UV Red (Cherry), UV Ivory (Vanilla), and UV Orange (Orange), the most popular is UV Blue, which is Blue Raspberry flavored. UV is good for mixing, but is often taken as shots by sorority chicks and other lightweight drinkers. Very popular at college parties, shots are often sold for $1.
At the kegger, Sara didn't like beer, so she paid a dollar and got a shot of UV.
by J. Eklow February 06, 2005

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Phrase uttered by Andrew Meyer at a University of Florida event at which John Kerry was speaking. Meyer, after committing the apparent crime of asking long-winded and potentially rhetorical questions, was arrested by several officers and forced to the ground. After questioning the logic behind his arrest, and asking if he could leave, it was decided by the University police force that the only course of action was to tase him into submission.
Cop: Hey, this isn't a free-speech zone. Either shut your dirty mouth or I get to play with this electro-shock weapon the state was dumb enough to issue me"

Guy: Hey, don't tase me, bro.

Cop: That's it.

by J. Eklow September 20, 2007

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To be drunk and/or high. The word is derived from an incident of college students being caught smoking weed outside a dormitory building by police. Upon discovering the kids, the police snuck up behind and tazered them into submission. Though the origin of the word is weed-related, it is more often used in reference to being drunk.
Last night, Kevin came back to the dorm really tazered. He was pounding on doors and being a drunken bastard.
by J. Eklow January 30, 2005

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Slang term for beer. Bro sodas are commonly enjoyed by real chill dudes while playing X-Box.
Bro 1: "Dude, what are you guys doin' tonight?"

Bro 2: "Just hanging around, might listen to some DMB, drink some bro sodas. You in?"

Bro 1: "Oh yeah, bro.
by J. Eklow September 09, 2007

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Also written as "tgirl". Simply another term for transexuals. Also known as chicks with dicks.
This chick asked me to rub suntan lotion on her back at the nude beach. I was digging it until she turned over and I realized I was rubbind down a t-girl.
by J. Eklow January 31, 2005

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