Someone who's very genuine

Someone who looks out for others

Someone who cares bout everyone

Someone who puts others before herself

Someone who always makes sure others are okay

and if someone isnt she'll find any way possible to cheer her friends up and make them feel good again :):)

She is someone who is an amazing friend

and an overall amazing girl
She is such a Taylor!
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Taylor is a absolutley stunning girl with an amazing personality. Shes so funny and always there for you. She is unknown to how beautiful she is. She usually can get just about any guy she wants if she trys. Shes very flirty. Shes a girl you'll have amazing and awesome funny memories with. If you ever find a taylor, hold on to her. Shes always gonna be there for you in the end. Any guy would be so unbelieveably lucky to ever have a taylor in his life. Shes kind and caring and have beautiful eyes. Shes absolutley amazing. She'll be your best friend. Hold on to a taylor in your life if you find one.
guy: have you seen taylor?
guy2: dude yeah, shes smokin hot!
guy: na dude, shes isnt hot.
guy: shes breath taking.
by hellosalutbonjor June 19, 2011
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She has long black hair and a nice figure. She is very self conscious and can get mad if you call her "beautiful", but deep down she appreciates it. She is really crazy, funny, energetic, and sarcastic. Her personality attracts a lot of people, but this doesn't mean she has a lot of friends. She is very picky about her friendships and relationships which causes her to not have that many people to talk to. A lot of people can consider her as a friend, but she can consider you as someone she just met. When it comes to relationships, she becomes highly frustrated and over thinks. Because of her low-self esteem its impossible for her to think someone likes her so she cuts off her crush immediately haha. If you want to become her partner, just try to understand her and give her time. She likes you a lot, trust me! If your trying to become her friend, you should also try to understand her and giver her time. She'll come around! Other than that, she's very loving and a soft hearted. If you met a Taylor, keep her. If you let go of a Taylor, she always be a memory and not forgotten. She is that amazing...
Her name is Taylor and she is full of surprises.
by Foryou4 July 31, 2020
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probably the most charismatic person you'll ever meet, taylors are beautiful people inside and out. willing to bail you out of any situation, she's there night and day, sure to be wearing something amazing.
i want to be just like taylor when i grow up
by linneapolitan September 06, 2010
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The cutest girl on Earth! She's super amazing and can make anyone's day brighter!
Taylor, I love you!
by Lefty Nips October 28, 2015
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A wonderful girl who can make anyone happy. Very optimistic and loves to act. Is a Great friend and has many. She is playful and strong and is loved by almost all. Golden haired Taylor's are the best. She is an AMAZING singer and is perfect at almost anything. Kinda a spaz and can get high off of air but can calm down when needed. A great girlfriend, and has the best kisses EVER!!! She may not seem the type, but if you can get to her she can be really sexy. Looks good in almost anything, and is almost never single for too long. Don't ever let one go, without a Taylor in your life, it won't be compleate.
Guy 1: Look at that hot girl over there!
Guy 2: Must be a Taylor.
Guy 1:I want one of those!
Guy 2: goodluck, Taylor's are hard to get.
by littlekitty882 May 22, 2010
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a beautiful down to earth girl whos easy to get along with. shes one of the guys. funny, outgoing, very sarcastic. Brunettes are the best, got a hot body with a smokin hot booty and get prettier as they get older and are always fun to be around. she wont lie to you and will always be upfront no matter what its about. this is the type of girl that is easy to settle down with. she likes to party but not to much, but be careful shes very easy to fall for. if you have the opportunity to meet a Taylor like this don't take it for granted and cherish every moment with her
Dude, i think im falling for her, shes such a Taylor!
by :.:.:.:.;fsaddg October 15, 2011
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