a beautiful down to earth girl whos easy to get along with. shes one of the guys. funny, outgoing, very sarcastic. Brunettes are the best, got a hot body with a smokin hot booty and get prettier as they get older and are always fun to be around. she wont lie to you and will always be upfront no matter what its about. this is the type of girl that is easy to settle down with. she likes to party but not to much, but be careful shes very easy to fall for. if you have the opportunity to meet a Taylor like this don't take it for granted and cherish every moment with her
Dude, i think im falling for her, shes such a Taylor!
by :.:.:.:.;fsaddg October 15, 2011
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Taylor is a beautiful girl who is short. Very short. But she has a big heart. Taylor has a “great friend group” that she always complains a lot about. She failed her math midterm but is a hard worker.
See that girl, that’s taylor she’s not good with numbers.
by courtnaenae hinchie March 28, 2020
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Most Taylor's have beautiful eyes and blonde hair. Some are brunettes also. Usually a lot of them are gorgeous. They are confident on how they look and on who they are. They often times are suckers for love, but they never feel the need to really settle down. Be careful though, they get bored with guys quick. They are very trustworthy, even if you cross them your secrets will never be told. But with that being said, they aren't ones to be messed with. They have feisty attitudes and stick up for themselves no matter what. They will always be there for someone no matter what. They are very caring but they don't show it a lot. If you have a Taylor that's your friend, keep her. If you have a Taylor that's your girlfriend, KEEP HER.
I kinda like Taylor.
"Good pick. She's amazing."
by Sammiiiiiiii March 24, 2013
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Can be very hyper at times. Likes badminton. Can be hyper because of something that happened days ago. Insanely awsome. Loves hugs. Can sometimes of the nickname of tay or boo.
by blondiemay May 02, 2011
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Brown haired brown eyed Taylors are the best! They are smart, sweet, and sexy. She has great friends and is usually popular. She is very outgoing and always funny. People tell her she has beautiful eyes. She always has her eye on a few people but is only really interested in one. She is an AMAZING person and friend so dont ever lose her! If she had a crush on you a few years ago there is a good chancce that she would still like you now. She wont ever forget you. She will most always love you.
Collin: hey, whos that girl?
Zack: thats Taylor!
Collin: oh i should have guessed that! She is so sexy!
by Peanut Cluster August 10, 2011
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Taylors are sweet loving people who are super hot on the outside but insecure on the inside. They are great friends but when it comes to personal matters, they hide things very well. Appriciate all the taylors in your life and give them a hug once in a while. Also, they have obsessions with love and love love but it ususally takes them a long time to find love. (also are very shmexy people who are outragiously funny and get hyper a lot =-) )
omg that kid is so hyper
yep thats taylor all right
by ballerina7891 January 12, 2011
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Very sensitive to other's feelings. Knows wrong from right.. most the time anyway. Has those moments of "blondeness" and sometimes has kind of slow reactions. A great, loyal, smart friend. But has a temper, and gets annoyed easily.
An example could be if a joke is told it might take Taylor a few days or more to actually get it.
by monikkka :p September 29, 2010
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