a girl who's sexy, loyal, and honest. she has a beautiful heart, and always sees the best in people. but once she's been hurt, there is no changing the way she views you. you has a forgiving soul, but you can only hurt her so many times before she cuts you out of her life for good.
man, i think i really messed up with tay. she's the most genuine and beautiful girl i've ever seen, but i've fucked up so many times i can't even get her to talk to me. i really miss her man.
by your girls mcm March 31, 2017
short for taylor.
good looking girl, normally with blue or brown eyes. amazing figure, and has a quite outgoing ego. caring and loving, quite a partyer. a down to earth girl who is easy to fall for. if you meet a tay, your should love her and cherish her.
that girl was so amazing she could be tay.
by wowshesahottie August 18, 2008
a hot ass blonde girl that everyone loves! :)
omg shes so chill it must be tay!
by hfanf April 8, 2008
Tay is the short-form of TayTay.
Tay is a gentleman with a ferociosly large penis, who is very charming with the ladies due to his sizeable endowment.
Can be used as a noun, or a verb.
Dude! You are such a Tay!
Man, did you see the way Renfro was mackin those girls? He was Taying it up like it was his job.
by Colonel Angus December 10, 2004
guest: can yoe meck meya cuppa"tay"
host: two shugaz, ow many d'ya want kid
guest: arlavit' strong no shugaz thanks
by Paul john hinton September 12, 2005
Abbreviation of 'tail', when referring to a top quality piece of skirt (who is probably in earshot).
Seen the tay by the photocopier?
by TTY November 7, 2005
Tai tai (太太) is a Chinese colloquial term for a wealthy married woman who does not work. It is the same as the Cantonese title for a married woman.
I wish I had a Tai Tai life OR she is lunching with the Tai Tai's
by MR_HK June 19, 2015