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A Fast-Paced, energetic game requiring stamina, speed, agilty and believe it or not strength. I play Rugby and Basketball and neither are half as taxing as a harsh game of badminton, its a totally hXc sport which everyone should play!
cock : hahah you playin badminton you jessie?
me : dude i'd paste you in the weight room any day you flange, now come over here and serve us up some smash practise...
by the hXc dude September 23, 2005
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A very dynamic, fast-paced game. Badminton requires a lot more agility and strategizing than most people probably think. You have to see it played competitively to really understand the energy and reflexes needed to be good at this sport.
Hitting a birdie over a net with a long-necked racket. Doesn't sound very hard, does it?
Come play with us. >:
by badminton dork :) April 04, 2004
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Coolest sport ever
Played with a bird
Played solo or with partners
i played badminton for hours, until i hit myself in the head with the racket!
by WaterBottle February 03, 2008
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1)The fastest growing sport in the world (fact) Also the fastest racket sport in the world (fact). Players must have extreme speed, reflexes and vision to name but a few essential attributes.
2)What losers or chavs say they are playing when they get out their pathetic excuse of a shuttle (made from cheap, poor quality, brightly coloured PVC) and ยฃ1:13 racket from soccer sports and go and dance around the garden like pansies
1)you think you can play badminton. Ok. Your serve"
(useless little loopy serve)
"Oh sorry did that hurt?"
2) Chav 1:"you wana play badminton mush?In da garden?"
Chav 2: "Na lets go vandalise a bus stop"
by Samstorm December 05, 2004
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Physical intercourse involving strategy, technique, and deception between two or four players each gripping the shaft of the racket while making contact to the shuttlecock with the racket head. The goal is to score points on the opponent by decisively hitting the shuttlecock down onto their side. This can be achieved in numerous ways: you can smash really hard on them, you can gently flop the shuttlecock over, or you can let the shuttlecock fly out of the designated playing area. Of course, don't forget to release a constipated grunt when you smash.
Man, badminton is so hard. I always have trouble maneuvering the head and the tip always hits the frame instead of my sweet spot.
by RXZ September 30, 2019
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