Big horse is a term of endearment used by 20-35 year old males to express their appreciation towards a subpar male in their friend circle, usually in an attempt to boost their ego. It is most commonly used as a greeting.
G’day big horse, how are we?”
“Not bad mate, just cruising
by bgrewi December 13, 2020
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Big horse is a sexual act so dirty it's name dare not be spoken for fear of death.
Billy big horsed Suzy the other night, he's been blacklisted from the group
by Jimmy boy May 12, 2006
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song for a sex act. ( for cow girls )
I will be driving my big horse when she cums. I will be driving my big horse when she cums. "yes I will" ( she says " yess he willl " I will be ridden your big horse tell you cum. I will be ridden your big horse tell you cum. (lets all sing) We will be driving ridden jumpen licken sucken big horse till we die. YES WE WILL !! YES WE WILL
by itichie_nocanpo June 24, 2006
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The Big Horse is a twist on message board abbreviation for "To Be Honest". Started because someone asked what "tbh" meant, and after thinking about it, thought it meant The Big Horse.
I need sleep mate the big horse.


The big horse I don't like that song.
by Raspy November 17, 2004
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Horse Fine Is A Black Girl Who Is EXTREMELY ATTRACTIVE. She Has All The Right Elements: Fat Ass Big Titties and A Fine Ass Face .
Toccara Jones Is BIG HORSE FINE.

"The Girl In The Pink Is Cute"
"But Do You See That Girl In The Red Dude? She Is BIG HORSE FINE"

Ex. Beyonce Is Not Horse Fine.
by TheDamnThuqq August 19, 2011
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An elitist drug cartel who are exploiting the patriots of the USA through the mainstream media, forcing them to buy from a limited selection of ivermectin horse pastes without proper dosing information for humans, and which contains nano-scale tracking devices. Championed by freedom-loving luminaries such as Joe Rogan, Alex Jones, Tucker Carlson, and Sean Hannity, Big Horse Paste has been successful at duping even the most genius figures in the culture wars. President Donald Trump seems to have steered clear of Big Horse Paste, preferring an early-access vaccine instead, which did not contain trackers, and was deemed too good for the masses by the corrupt Biden administration. But he has been mysteriously silent about the threat of Big Horse Paste, likely related to QAnon plans that prevent him from acting before his reinstatement.
I thought I had finally beaten the hoax that the Demoncrats call Covid, but Big Horse Paste wins again, I'm now on a ventilator, please donate to my GoFundMe.
by guy full of definitions September 2, 2021
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person 1: Woah i banged a horse last night and the big fag horse cock was gigantic!
person 2: i love the taste of big fat horse cock!😋
by bigfathorsecöck June 4, 2020
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