a car which takes mad skills to be able to pimp; more that two people under twenty five in a taurus is often referred to as a Taurus Pimpin Posse. Tauruses are not gay, they are in fact The Shit.
:::often used in phrase Pimpin' tha Taurus. Of course, the Original Taurus Pimpin' Posse is Dookie, Skittle, Oobie and Muhammad
omg Dookie, you got competition. i saw this dude and dude was pimpin the Taurus almost as well as you.
by nappyafrochik April 05, 2003
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To all the other signs out there, you’re not entirely right! You guys just build our character around food likes it’s the only thing that’s of importance to us. You take their food, sure they’ll be cranky but they won’t kill you, they aren’t dangerous. They’re not:
-constantly hungry
Some of them don’t even get involved in the drama the other signs cause, they keep to themselves, they can be shy, they can be energetic, pretty, nice and so much more. So stop saying they’re fat, lazy hoes!
Taurus is a zodiac sign not an animal!
by Cherryblossomhonesty! September 20, 2020
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Is a crappy vehical that can also be refered to as a Clitaurus,or Clit for short
I washed my "Clit" today. Man my "Clit" was full of junk! Holy shit that is one ugly taurus.
by KUPRES March 08, 2006
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Taurus was the 2nd zodiac discovered. If you re a Taurus then you were born through April 20-May 20. People that are Taurus are awesome! These people really like to help others and is also know for there stubbornness. There very nice if your nice with them. If you mean to a Taurus, watch out! Them Taurus can fight but also has the whole school behind there backs. She/He is probably the funniest person you will ever meet living in this world! Not only is she/he funny but the HOT!!! If your a girl Taurus then you are extra funny, love to dance, rich, have boys going CRAZY for you, and is loved by many people! If your a boy Taurus then your really athletic, have a lot of girls running behind you to ,and your pretty wealth as well! All people love Taurus cause there also very generous! They give there friends nice stuff for birthdays and special events! Did I mention Taurus is also very smart?! Not very smart...EXTREMELY SMART!!! Taurus is the bestest zodiac/person there ever is!!
CANCER: Whats the best zodiac?

GEMINI: Its obviously Taurus!

CANCER: WHAT??!!??!!?
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by This person has no name... April 20, 2020
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Taurus- One of the most desired zodiacs. According to archeological studies, Taurus’s are hated on for their stubbornness, but that is what makes the second best, coming up behind Aries.
“Taurus are miss understood most times.”
by The archeological page March 01, 2020
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they aggressive as fuck please be careful

april 21-may 21
“damn that bitch aggressive as hell! she gotta be a Taurus.”
by teee2x March 23, 2021
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