A zodiac sign . Taurus's are usually very kind both inside and out, but don't be fooled. They can be quite stubborn and are great at fighting, so don't get on the wrong side of them. However the bad side only comes out if you aren't nice, especially if you lie to them.
"See that girl?"
"She's got the heart of a Taurus."
by GëørgìãΓ₯ November 07, 2019
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Fake dick guy- you missed Johnny's little joke there.

Anyway, the Taurus is a constellation of a bull, a zodiac sign based on the constellation, another crappy car made by Ford (marketed in Europe under the name Mondeo, and AU under the name falcon- according to Gran Turismo, but then again, they fucked up their info on other models.) anyway, the european Mondeo is slightly better than the origianal on which it was based, but it is still shit, even the ST270.
moo cow moo cow mooo moooo moooooo cow.
by Gumba Gumba March 21, 2004
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a car that has been around for years but will be continued because of that thing called the ford 500.
just like ford windstar was discontinued because of the freestar
by mallhomeyblue June 22, 2005
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A song recorded in the late sixties by a band called Spirit. Jimmy Page laster used the intro in Stairway To Heaven.
"Dude, Jimmy Page totally jacked the intro to Stairway from Taurus!"
by Achilles32094 November 08, 2009
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An all purpose car that is the best to learn to drive in, since if you hit anything it will make the car look better. Comes in sedan, or if you're lucky you'll get the wagon which seats 8 uncomfortably. Don't plan on having the car long, as it seems to have a smoking problem and only lasts till 70K (and if you say yours lasted longer you're lying)!!! People will try to pimp it out, like Brad, but he is a sissy and likes cats so it's okay.
Brad went home every weekend to wash his pimped out Taurus.

Mom spilled her coke all over the roof of our Taurus.

After our Taurus was in the shop for 2 days we had a huge bill.
by darsebendz October 12, 2005
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a car which takes mad skills to be able to pimp; more that two people under twenty five in a taurus is often referred to as a Taurus Pimpin Posse. Tauruses are not gay, they are in fact The Shit.
:::often used in phrase Pimpin' tha Taurus. Of course, the Original Taurus Pimpin' Posse is Dookie, Skittle, Oobie and Muhammad
omg Dookie, you got competition. i saw this dude and dude was pimpin the Taurus almost as well as you.
by nappyafrochik April 05, 2003
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Is a crappy vehical that can also be refered to as a Clitaurus,or Clit for short
I washed my "Clit" today. Man my "Clit" was full of junk! Holy shit that is one ugly taurus.
by KUPRES March 08, 2006
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