May, a very beautiful girl with a strong character. She is very kind, helpful and attentive. She can make any day better. She has a good sense of humor. If you are one of her friends, you are very lucky and if you are her boyfriend thene you are really really lucky. She is really romantic and you can spend hours talking to her without getting bored
What's that shining in the street?
Ooh it's May!
by ?????????????????? May 31, 2020
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This is a person that is beautiful inside and out. May tends to be shy when you first meet her but when you get to know her, she starts showing her true colours! In addition to this, she is hard-working and is the most resilient and bravest person you'll ever meet. Mays are mostly the cutest out of the crowd and she'll always brighten up your day. She is very passionate and competitive when it comes to competitions and she will always be their for you, go and know a May!
Person 1: Who's that? She's so gorgeous!

Person 2: Oh, that's May! She is isn't she,
by cutelove280 February 28, 2018
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May is a kind, funny, and a very intelligent girl. A lot of the time she's insensitive to people around her and her surroundings. She can be stubborn and she gets moody/upset very easily. But if u get to know her well she's very creative and makes you smile and laugh. She is one of the most amazing people you could have as a friend but time to time she might get frustrating and may seem bossy. She gets jealous very easily because she cares about a lot of her friends.
She is so May
by p¡nk May 28, 2017
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May is a very pretty girl inside and out. She will act very shy but after a couple days of knowing her she will be hugging you and screaming and laughing with you.
Liam: I wanna date May she’s so pretty

Walid: she’s MINE
by November 28, 2020
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May is a name that is generally for girls. They are really attractive, nice, loving, trustworthy, generous and will do anything for friends and family. They are big-hearted and good kissers. They might not be your average type of girl, but they are unqiuely awesome in their own way. Mays are great girlfriends and will love you to the very end. Mays tend to be a little shy when you first meet them, but when you get to know them they are the happiest and exciting people you would ever meet. They love to do lots of fun things with people and hate the thought of being bored.
Friend 1: " Hey! Do you know my friend May?"
Friend 2: " No. Why?"
Friend 1: " I'll introduce you to her. She's really awesome once you get to know her!"
by MJ777 September 17, 2013
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The prettiest and kindest person you will meet. Usually a girls name, May is generous, kind, thoughtful, loving, crazily awesome and much more! May is upbeat and always ready for a challenge... or a bit of quiet time... but only on occasion! May is sometimes shy, who doesn't have much self confidence yet she will always be there for you... so quick KNOW A MAY!
Person 1: Hey! how are you?
Person 2: Not great actually -- I was sick 4 times before I managed to get home...
Person 1: Oh! poor you!
Person 2: Don't worry, May helped me! She cleared her busy schedule to make sure I was safe and well!
by da_crazie_one January 23, 2014
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During the 5th month of the year a select few will ask you for the month, with this they will reply with a fated combination of words demonstrating their genitalia being inserted into your mouth. Example May Deez Nuts fit in yo mouth.
"Hey what month is it?" "uhh.. May." " May DEEZ NUTS fit in yo mouth."
by lookin-real-sussy May 17, 2021
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