Chillest dog I know. A top 10 chillest in my books imho #1 because he's sharp and funny which is unusual for super chill people. Most chill people are just very stoned and hosed up. Not this God among men. Clean as a whistle. Probably the sharpest guy I know. Always right. About everything. He doesnt even FUCKING care that hes as sharp as a tack on crack! I dont know how hes that chill about it. Dude. DOES. NOT. get. phased!

Well liked among the guys. Too clean for his own good. Not a hoser. Also maybe this is obvious, its Orion, so very popular with the ladies but also a true gentleman about it. Gets hit on a lot. He doesnt ask for it at all. Its excessive. Women abuse his decency. But hes Orion. He takes it civilly. Treats women like everyone else. Very honest and trustworthy.

Amazing ability to keep a clear head too.

Huge respect for this dude. Thats my main takeaway. Orion deserves 100% respect. Has the honor of a Samurai. After all, its Orion we're talking about. The word is probably mediterranean for "commands respect". If it actually was I honestly wouldnt be surprised. More people should be this EPIC of a man. Great all around human being.

You win at life and you're a total gent about it what can I say more than that? You win Orion. Thats my highest award. You win this life. Maybe in the next one Ill beat you at something. Or maybe not.

Id say you even beat God at his own game in this life. Impressive.
Went golfing. Went FULL Orion. Hole in ones every single time. Exactly the same as last time.

The only nation worth belonging to is an Orionation.

Forget LION-Hearted this guys ORION-Hearted. Which makes lion-hearted pale in comparison.

That guy just Orioned his way through life. Literally went FULL ORION. Won at everything there is worth winning at. Doesnt even bother gloating. Probably gave the prize money to an amazing but almost unknown charity and made his donation anonymous. That cool-as-ice fuck I wouldn't put it past him. HOW IS THIS GOD AMONG MEN NOT GLOATING????

I'm a humble man, I see a GOD among men and I have to ask: HOW THE FUCK DID YOU DO THAT YOU ORIONEERING GOD?????!????

If there was an explosion - a real explosion - behind everyone - for real... ONLY Orion would NOT look back. He's THAT FUCKING unphase-able.

Youd think Orion has a flaw somewhere. That hes a hoser. A boozer. But hes not. He has no character flaws other than not being a hoser.

I'm so sorry to Orionate at this meeting but as much as I love all of you and you all know I do, you're all unfortunately completely wrong about your take on this but all is not lost and here's why. *Enlightens everyone.*

The bravery of this man deserves a medal... for Orion-ravery.

There are mere winners, true winners, champions, world-champions, and then there are ORIONINNNERS and ORIONNNAMPIONS. So unless you're an ORIONAMPIAN, bye Felicia, you're just not everything you could be.
by Sue Denim February 17, 2018
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Orion is the smartest person in the world and is sometimes referred to as God of all Mankind. He is insanely funny with a sharp wit. He is abnormally kind and generous. He also has a massive cock that CRUSHES tons of pussy. The vag that he hasn't gotten to pounding yet, desperately yearns for a Orioning* (verb present participle). He is seriously bad-ass. All men wish to be him except idiots and retards. It's because all idiots and retards wish they were presidents and superheroes. They don't realize that every president and superhero wish they were Orion. He's probably the best looking human ever born and has won multiple awards for having the best ass. He won the Nobel Peace Prize for having the best ass. Orion is very successful and has superhuman strength. If you are a stupid asshole motherfucker and Orion sees you, you should run forever because he cares about humanity and will kill you for the good of the people.
I wish I was a sexy as an Orion
by A really horny fan June 20, 2017
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A super cute hottie!

The kind of guy you want to date/marry/kiss.
That guy is a definite ORION!
by Sue Denim January 4, 2018
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The word Orion originated in Ancient Greece. It means, god like, evil, sexy, keen(Orion was a hunter titan), strong, wealthy, and nimble. Orion is a titan born to(his mom)Gea the mother of earth. He was born to destroy the gods and their kin. After the eradication of the gods failed Orion was accepted by Artemis( Virgin hunter goddess) as her first mate, and they created the first half titan half god children. After all the celestial baby making happened Zues killed all their(Orion and Artemis)children. This upset Artemis Very much because, her own father killed her first children(she was a virgin got). So she and Orion schemed to torture Zues forever. They came up with populating an island on the rock Olympus sat in(earth). So Orion and Artemis fucked for a couple hundred year and finally succeeded in creating a creature in their image, man.

So if your human you're Zues's bastard grandchildren, unless you're black then you come from some Hindu god.
I wish I were Orion like
by A really horny fan June 20, 2017
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Slang for attractive girl or guy.

Orions are sometimes arrogant but very yummy. Orions have a dreamy look and are total prince charmings. Make you melt.
'Mmmm who is that'
'His name is Orion'

'HOTDAMN. I bet it is, i bet it is!'
by Princesscharming December 8, 2013
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Damm!!! Orion is the most badass person in the world. He is a person you are lucky to meet so if you do hang on to him. He is very generous and filthy rich. Orion’s are amazing at sports and are very athletic one thing they are known for is being a boss in the bed they are known to have giant cocks and shred pussy. Orion’s are commonly to like shorter girls that are darker skinned but not too dark like a nice tan brown kinda thing. The names they find most attractive is Tahni, Sydney, and Ashlyn.
Girl 1: who is that sexy athlete

Girl 2: that’s Orion I heard he’s filthy rich and amazing in the bed
Girl 1: wow! I wanna be with that guy
by Orion Lover February 2, 2019
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Sexy sexy sexy sexy sexy bitch lookin like a Barbie ❤👅🔥
Idiot: damn, who is dat?
Nerd: his name is orion ;))
Idiot: ooo he sexy I want to lick him, he looks like a fucking Barbie doll
Nerd: yah bitch
by Dinna29292992 February 18, 2018
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