Taurus's can be stubborn but kind, some people say that Taurus's don't like to be in the spotlight or don't constantly need some sort of attention or they aren't grabby but they are sometimes and that's normal the Taurus zodiac sign goes through April 20th through May 20th. They are two faced and sometimes have really bad anger issues. They can be heart breakers if you break their heart first, for example if they say they like you and you say you like a specific person they will literally STEAL the person you like away from you, they are also a bit physcotic they plan to kill people that annoy them, so remember to be kind to Taurus's or they will demolish you.
"I was born on May the 19th therefore I am a Taurus"
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by I'mLesbieanGirlsYay May 22, 2021
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