Elsa , is the best friend you’ve been waiting for she loves to have late night talks . She can see through any secret , and is very picky on who she trusts with her friendships. Elsa is amazing and will get out of control at times , and can be al little sad too . But Elsa has a huge family and loves her closest cousin . Elsa will lift your heart once you’ve met her just don’t get on her bad side . Elsa is great love her !! Elsa is extreamly smart but needs to take time to herself sometimes to relax with her family !
Elsa is great

I knowwww she’s sooo cool
by Reputine November 27, 2018
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Literally the best person ever. She helps you with all of your problems and sheds light through tough times. Her intelligence is way beyond anyone in her level. Her grace and charisma is unreal. She's nice to everyone. She thinks she'll die alone. :)
Damn, I wish I was Elsa.
by gannet nation December 17, 2017
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A gorgeous girl whom all the boys fall for. She is extremely smart, smarter than most, and prettier than most too. She adores animals and is tall. She probably does a sport involving animals or has many pets. Elsa is stubborn and can be mean, but only if others are treating her just as bad. She does not get involved in drama and has a good group of friends. Elsa is an artist and writer. ELA and art are probably her best subjects, though she could get a job with animals when older. Elsa has the ability to become a star but doesn't completely want that. She shows love through gifts and big surprises. You are lucky if you are friends with Elsa during your birthday. Elsa is funny, attractive, tall and happy. If an Elsa is quiet, know something is wrong, though they are very focused and sometimes quiet. If you are good friends with her, she will show her loud side though. Never fight with an Elsa, they are very scary and almost always win. Elsa is usually a Leo as in zodiac signs but has the possibility to be a Gemini or Cancer. Boys often always want to date her but are too intimidated by her, as of her beauty. If you are lucky enough to meet an Elsa, keep her close. She won't ever be forgotten.
There goes an Elsa, beautiful as ever.
by skskskskkskskskkkskkskk June 30, 2019
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Elsa is a pretty girl but she doesn’t think that herself. She often hides her true emotions so that no one judges her true self. She is very smart and good at almost everything. Elsa lies quite often but only to not get embarrassed of the truth. She hardly goes out with her friends as she never had time. She can be violent but when she grows older she will become nicer. Elsa knows who her bestie is but the bestie does not know if Elsas her best friend. Elsa is holy and lives a good life
Elsa the amazing
by HGJfebdotsbOtsv January 8, 2020
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the most amazing girl ever, with a heart of Gold, and everyone would be lucky to have in their lives.
Reed: Who's that girl with mary?
John: Oh that's Elsa, She's AMAZING!
by Clair Underwood June 14, 2017
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Elsa is the definition of amazing. So kind and caring, you are so lucky to have her in your life. She will make you smile, even if she likes the message and leaves you on read. Drama may follow at times but her fighting personality will get her through. Such a stunning girl, she will light up the world with just a smile; she really doesn't get enough credit for her incredible humour. The best friend you could ever ask for. Appreciate her while she's around because your life would be empty without her.
by bestie of a bi September 29, 2019
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A lioness in the movie "Born Free", though many people seem to forget about this since a recent Disney animated film. The lioness was rescued by a woman and then nursed back to health, finally being set free (hence "born free") into the wild.
Elsa was a beautiful lioness whose mother was killed by poachers.
by Calculus4Life March 4, 2015
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