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Literally the best person ever. She helps you with all of your problems and sheds light through tough times. Her intelligence is way beyond anyone in her level. Her grace and charisma is unreal. She's nice to everyone. She thinks she'll die alone. :)
Damn, I wish I was Elsa.
by gannet nation December 17, 2017
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the most amazing girl ever, with a heart of Gold, and everyone would be lucky to have in their lives.
Reed: Who's that girl with mary?
John: Oh that's Elsa, She's AMAZING!
by Clair Underwood June 14, 2017
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Elsa , is the best friend youโ€™ve been waiting for she loves to have late night talks . She can see through any secret , and is very picky on who she trusts with her friendships. Elsa is amazing and will get out of control at times , and can be al little sad too . But Elsa has a huge family and loves her closest cousin . Elsa will lift your heart once youโ€™ve met her just donโ€™t get on her bad side . Elsa is great love her !! Elsa is extreamly smart but needs to take time to herself sometimes to relax with her family !
Elsa is great

I knowwww sheโ€™s sooo cool
by Reputine November 27, 2018
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Probably the most gorgeous girl on this planet. Her superbness is phenomenal. Although, scientist are still performing test to determine whether this is true. All real men, and some women, know her to be the most beautiful girl.
Elsa was looking beautiful today, she wore the infamous green shirt.
by Just a fan of Elsa January 24, 2006
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A lioness in the movie "Born Free", though many people seem to forget about this since a recent Disney animated film. The lioness was rescued by a woman and then nursed back to health, finally being set free (hence "born free") into the wild.
Elsa was a beautiful lioness whose mother was killed by poachers.
by Calculus4Life March 03, 2015
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the most amazing, kind, funny and beautiful person in the world!
"Guys, I've got a new girlfriend, she's a real elsa!"
by Thetruthiswithinme October 05, 2017
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Very Extremely Shy Girl. She would be the nicest person on earth at times and the meanest person on earth at times. she loves to talk once she gets to know you. very secretive. very beautiful but not very popular.fashionista. watches fashion week many times. loves to bother people. never does something she doesn't want to do. not a moody person. and truly ELSA.
Elsa is the prettiest and meanest girl i ever met. she is mean but nice at times.
by Robert Hampson January 27, 2009
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