a taurus is someone born between april 20-may 20.
the taurus is normally and savage or will become one soon to come. they don't take no shit from no one and have their squad with them.
become very successful in the future and have a great life. don't need around with her/him on their bad day.
she is a taurus
he is a taurus ♉
by diiaaa March 01, 2018
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The 2nd astrological sign of the zodiac. The sun is in this sign from April 20th to May 21st. It is a "feminine", negative (introvert) sign. Their element is Earth, and quality is Fixed. Venus rules this sign, as well as Libra, and is associated with beauty, affection, and the balance created when sympathizing and uniting with others. However, their passion can drive them to become jealous, resentful, and self-indulgent. They are considered compatible with signs of the same element (Virgo, Capricorn, and Taurus itself). Their main body part is the neck/throat and the polar opposite of Taurus is Scorpio.
when you fuck with Taurus you usually get the horns, but if you know what youre doin then you can milk it all day. mm mm mmmm
by bromodragonfly August 04, 2010
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A good daily driver car with a piece of shit transmission. Now being replaced by the Ford 500.
Its rare to find a taurus near 130K without transmission trouble.
by DakotaThunder January 21, 2005
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Symbol of the Bull, they are bull headed and stubborn, ignorant, egotistic, and therefor narrow minded.
They are ruled by Venus, planet of love in Greek, in India known as planet of material goods and delicious foods.
They are Earth signs, which like Fire signs give you better odds of being conceited.

Taurus are workaholics, are beautiful as well as they love beauty, and prefer the calming peace of nature. The Bull is perhaps the most superficial of the Earth signs in some ways, even though generally they are down to Earth. They are patient and narcissistic, and love being narcissistic, and like narcissistic people. They can convince themselves of anything until the truth comes down. They like logic and being practical. They balance work and play.

Aries is a Fire sign with a big appetite, Taurus is an Earth sign with attachment to food. Earth signs are always after Fire signs. You know what this means. Western Astrology may say it is their place to discover nature's bliss, but their lesson, is actually to learn to not become too attached to things like food, sex. They might have diet and health problems because of indulgence.
My Taurus friend likes to give reasons why Astrology isn't real, which is amusing, since when it comes down to it it's only personal reasons and she acts so Bull.
by Majestic Maze January 02, 2007
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The most gangster sedan produced by American car companies. It also has a (relatively) large underground following as a "pro-American tuner sedan" for car enthusiast patriots with nuclear families.
"Rick and I saw some blackies rollin' in their Taurus the other day"
"My doctor has a Taurus with a couple turbos on it. He takes it down to the quarter mile every weekend and shows those RX7s who's boss."
by Malcolm Awesome September 24, 2006
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A piece of shit car made by a reputable car company... A mistake made by ford.
by Carfan February 19, 2004
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C'mon. You think rappers are talking about a bullsh!t ford sedan? Taurus makes pistols n rifles. Their revolvers are what's known around....
Yeah, Carl was about to get his car jacked till he pulled out that Taurus.

"As my Taurus spray, jump in the whip, hit the highway, you know how I say" - Nas, Small World
by 02120 July 31, 2009
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