8 definitions by k.k.

1) the 39th state to enter the union
2) the Peace Garden State
3) the full name for the postal code ND
4) the home of places such as Fargo, Bismarck, Minot, Grand Forks, and Medora
5) the state that has the Theodore Roosevelt National Park
6) (Dakota) comes from a Sioux Indian word that means "friend" or "ally"
7) a state whose state flower is the wild praire rose
8) a state that has a high percentage of it's high school graduates go on to collage
9) a state that has a high percentage of church goers
10) a state that has a high percentage of underage drinking
11) my home state
North Dakota will always be in my heart.
by k.k. February 5, 2004
one of Saturn's moons, it has a light side & a dark side, the dark side is said to be made of mysterious unknown substance(s)
by k.k. January 4, 2005
marked with disgrace; sign of shame; a song by the band The Calling
stigmatized is one of my favorite songs
by k.k. February 5, 2004
a chinese astrological sign; somebody born between January 23,1928 and February 9,1929 or between February 17, 1988 and February 5,1989
by k.k. February 5, 2004
the number after ten that comes before twelve; my favorite number; my lucky number
eleven is the greatest number of all
by k.k. February 5, 2004
a star constellation in the sky, close to Orion; the astological sign of people born April 20th through May 20th; (a bull)
there's no sign i'd rather be than that of the taurus
by k.k. February 5, 2004
1) a rude or harsh way of telling somebody to be quiet

2) an expression of disbelief
you don't know what you're talking about, so shut-up
by k.k. February 16, 2004