A zodiac sign

The people who have it are the most beautiful powerful cool people

Those motherfuckers are the best people to be

He is a badass... he must be a Taurus
by Licensed gay fucker May 05, 2020
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A hungry BITCH

They are very stubborn and they eat and sleep.
They are to lazy to do shit! When it comes to there friends and family then oh fuck stay away.

You do not want to be around them when they are mad you will regret your decision
K-Why does a Taurus eat so much?

L- Because they are fat bitchies

This sign is to lazy to grab a remote that’s right in front of them. The only reason they will get up is to eat or is they are dragged out of their bed.
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by Grace10 April 27, 2020
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a stubborn smartass that can't resist indulging in sleep, food, tv shows or... anything really

(also the best zodiac sign)
person 1: stop being so stubborn
perosn 2: i'm a taurus, it's not my fault
by proste_natka December 03, 2019
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they aggressive as fuck please be careful

april 21-may 21
“damn that bitch aggressive as hell! she gotta be a Taurus.”
by teee2x March 23, 2021
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A zodiac usually stereotyped as only caring about food, because they only open up around a few people. They don't care about everything, because they are very pacific about what they value. They will fight anyone who threatens it. They are famous for making mistakes. They are weak in body because they use their brain to get out of problems, which sometimes works. Taurus's treat everyone differently. They do a lot of strange things. They don't even understand themselves.
I'm Taurus
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by BRICK NINJA April 06, 2021
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Anyone born in April 20-May 20. (Not all taurus’s are like this please don't hate me)Taurus’s are really funny and charismatic! They are really beautiful people and are sometimes artistic and hard-working! They get the best grades in school and love all school subjects, they are very smart and caring! They have lots of empathy and can relate! Although they don’t show it, they have a deep backstory and don’t really show their depression, they smile through everything and try to cheer people up!
Man, that person over there is like the blanket of things.. they must be a Taurus.
by IAmHereeeeee April 13, 2019
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