"storm the castle" Danny stormed Sandy's castle gates off their hinges
by OooofffMaster November 20, 2013
putting the moves on a girl, seducing a lady friend in hope of getting some.
I was storming the castle last night with Jen.
by Snap, Crackle, and Pop November 12, 2007
"Storming the Castle" is a sexual act in which the female fills her vaginal cavity with hot oil, the male rolls around first in egg yolks, then in bread crumbs, and then the male proceeds to insert his erect penis into the vagina, effectively deep frying his phallus.

Variations include "Storming the Palace," popular among aficionados of the anal variety, and "Storming One's Own Castle/Palace," growing in popularity among contortionists and cat people.
My cat, Meatball, likes watching me storming the castle by myself at night.
by bdjgagarin June 16, 2011
Bursting through the door and taking a picture when a friend is hooking up with a questionable member of the opposite sex.
You should have seen the look on Kyle's face when we were Storming the Castle while he was hooking up with that fat chick.
by ptizz July 26, 2009
Having forceful (yet consensual)relations with another.
He stormed my castle all night, and it was so good, I'm not walking right tomorrow!
She gave me the green light, I'll be storming the castle tonight...
by StefaniaDarling June 17, 2015
A.) A quote by Miracle Max in one of the greatest movies of the eighties, The Princess Bride.

B.) An awesome song by an awesome band (Bayside), off the album Shudder.

C.) Good luck with that; sarcastic optimism in a hopeless situation.
Miracle Max: "Have fun storming the castle!"
Valerie (his wife): "Think it'll work?"
Miracle Max: "It would take a miracle."

"Wicked are the ones who dare to think outside the box!"

Person 1: "I gotta go to work."
Person 2: "Have fun storming the castle."
by hootertooter11 April 16, 2009