a day bosses were born on october 11. you're super unique so it's hard to fit you in a category. you put on a persona in front of others and hide your true self. stop doing that. you're the best. put yourself out there.
mvps were born on october 11.
by 10_11_1**r@ October 19, 2019
Food day! Bring your best friend food on this day to show how you appreciate them
She brought her food since it’s October 11th :)
by Chickenwingswithhotsauce October 10, 2019
If you were born on October 11, you are the hottest person alive and if you were born in October or September you can qualify to also be one of the hottest people of all time.
Person 1: Wait you were born on October 11?
Person 2: Yeah why?
Person 1: You are so hot
Person 2: Wait when is your birthday?
Person 1: September 8
Person 2: You can qualify to be one of the hottest people of all time!
Person 1: Yay!!
by DieselBubs November 14, 2019
Kiss your girl day or kiss your mans day
On October 11th You go up to your bf or gf and just kiss them or someone you like or just anyone
by Skskskksks and i ooop moon October 10, 2019
Kyle: Yo, it's October 11
Jessica: Ok? And?

Kyle: It's National Coming Out Day! I'm gay!

Jessica: Cool! I'm bisexual!
by Its Ya Boi! Uh.... Fish October 24, 2019
On October 11 you can slap anybody anywhere and they owe you money. Not a joke go and do it and you'le see.
Ay bro why you do that now I'm broke. Also (haha) that was kinda nice.
Me: It's October 11 what are you talking about.
by Joke Maker February 3, 2020