Some rapper Who ate too many skittles in jail
Dont eat too much skittles you will become takeshi 69
by Mythicburger December 11, 2019
‘We Go Takeshi With It’ is a term used mainly by the Call of Duty community. 69 being the point of interest, players will call out the term after a loss/defeat prompting others to go again. Usually 69 Times.
Assnee : God damn we almost had that!

Ratnuu: Don’t worry bro, We Go Takeshi With It
by Johnny bruce December 12, 2018
A man who is short but athletic, can jump higher than others. Can play defense in basketball and especially likes rebounds and blocks.
Oh your so good you're like Takeshi Alegria
A guy that is small but atletic. Can jump over tall guys. Not the best shooter but can play defense and help his team to win. Be Like Takeshi like Freak
Oh you jump so high! You"re like Takeshi Alegria!
by Takeshi 69 Immortality June 8, 2022