When someone does something exponentially stupid, you tell them to "Take a Lap".

At this point, this person will be ashamed and all of your nearby friends and peers will begin laughing heartily at the dumb person.

May also be used when someone tries to use a comeback but no one laughs and thinks poorly of him/her
RJ: Did you know that the polar ice caps are getting bigger?!

Moe: Wtf dude? No way, you're so dumb...

RJ: No your mom came in my mouth!

Moe Lexie and Mark: Take a lap douchebag.

RJ: Idk how to spell lap?



Moe: I laughed at her

Jordan: Your mom made me laugh!

Moe: Take a lap.

Jordan: Swim a lap!

Moe: Take another lap for that one.
by CreamyMoe July 31, 2008
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What you tell someone to do when they think they're hot shit.
When some twat is showing off: "Easyy hero, go take a lap."
by An Ex-PuckFuckAndChuck April 24, 2009
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A phrase said usually when one does something that is indescribably absurd and/or uncalled. The phrase was popularized by 'Dennis Reynolds' in an episode of the cable program 'It's always sunny in Philadelphia' on the episode titled "The Gang Gives Back".
Flip Flop Kid runs up to Dennis with a soda in his hand

Dennis Reynolds: What the hell is that?

Flip Flop Kid: I don't know.

Dennis Reynolds: It's diet.

Flip Flop Kid: Oh.

Dennis Reynolds: Does it look like I need to be on a diet?

Flip Flop Kid: I don't know.

Dennis Reynolds: Terrible. Take a lap.
by Grandma Slippery October 04, 2011
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Going for a walk around the bar/club in an attempt to situate yourself, check out points of interests, and scope out where all the attractive people are.

Yo dude, wanna grab a beer and take a lap? I saw this really hot girl in a tight dress in the corner by the mini bar when we walked in.

Yo man, where's George at?
I don't know dude. I think he went to do a lap with Scott.

After taking a lap, Mike was able to tell Ashley where the bathrooms and mini bars were.
by bar terminology November 24, 2011
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told to a usually fat person who has just said something really stupid. severity of the matter can vary.

go take a mile

go take a marathon
tom- thats what she said...
bill- damn! go take a lap.
by mazimaz July 10, 2008
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when your high school coach tells you to jerk off later
coach- "Practice is over" ,"Everbody take a lap"
Player- "So we jerk off?"
Coach- " bingo!!!!!"
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a strategic form of smoking marijuana, driving on a specific track to lay low and smoke (often in neighborhoods), because moving targets are harder to catch
Hey man, you wanna come take a lap?

Im so ripped bro, me and Deebs just got done taking laps.
by Rambozzle June 03, 2010
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