(adjective) In business, an unnecessary modifier used to add gravitas and authority to a statement everyone knows to be complete bullshit. To be engaged in, expressing, or based on incompetence rather than knowledge.
We've taken a strategic decision to close the local fire department ahead of the dry season.
Building a wall between us and Mexico is a strategic priority.
by Sleepy Gonzales September 8, 2017
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Strategical \strə-'tē-ji-kəl\ adjective

Word to carefully pepper into important work interactions with superiors when one does not aspire to climb the corporate ladder. This scenario may arise when the next job up may be much more work than the payrise is worth. This word is to be used only with great consideration as it may lead to a shot yourself in the foot scenario with long term implications affecting your career.

*equivalent of using 'brang' instead of 'brought'.
Brenn the Manager to Company Director: I'm sending through the strategical development plans- they should be in your inbox any moment now.

Company Director to another Company Director: So Lenny's pretty good you say?
by A little family of ducks November 10, 2008
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Verb of Strategy: The action of coming up with a strategy.

Thinking strategically about a situation or business challenge.

A contemporary non-word that has gained acceptance as appropriate business terminology.
After the focus group results are tabulated we will strategize the best communication tactic based on the insights obtained.

I had been strategizing for weeks as to how I would complete the assignment on time and within budget.
by WTZ_82 February 5, 2008
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The cooler way to say strategic made by Cristopher Sturniolo on 9/25/2023
You are very strategical”- Christopher Sturniolo
by @gracexella September 25, 2023
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Purposely performing a task so poorly as to discourage being assigned this task again, but not poorly enough to be fired
Cube Dweller1: Dude, writing the weekly report is a sucky job; how do I get out of it?

Cube Dweller2: Just screw up some people's names and swap some people's tasks, nobody will want you to do it again

Cube Dweller1: Ahh....Strategic Incompetence....a fine idea....my inner slacker is jumping for joy!
by TedDeadMan September 4, 2009
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when you like one of the opposite sex's photo on facebook with intentions of letting them know you are interested in hooking up with them
Jon: I did some Strategic Liking of ella's facebook photos

Michael: Mate you are in!
by Nickkkkkkk.S February 19, 2011
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When you skip school on a day you have a really big assignment due, such as a project or a report. Can also apply to exams. Very common in high school and secondary school
Dude, the project's due tomorrow, are you done? No man, I'm gonna pull a strategic absence tomorrow to save my ass
by dachyr May 3, 2010
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