Verb: To examine in more detail, to take a closer look at.
Me: 'Yo, let's go scope out those honeys over there!'
You: 'Okay.'

Me: 'Jones, go scope out that position for enemy activity.'
Jones: 'Roger that.'
by Scotty May 10, 2004
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To check out. To obtain more information about a particular place or thing.
Sarge: I need recon to scope out what's beyond that hill.
Recon: Yes Sir!
<Mine Blast>
Recon: AAAHH!! Sarge, I can't feel my legs!
Sarge: That's 'cuz.. you ain't got no legs!
by mungx2 May 10, 2004
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Used when you're about to go and look at something - to check something out.
"Think I'll scope out that new charity store"
by Ben Rockitt May 10, 2004
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When you're checking out the females. Specifically, to go out of your own way to check out a girl.
EX 1:
Guy: Hold up I can't tell if she's hot yet.
Guy2: aight that's cool
Guy3: scoping out the hoes?
Guy1+2: YEA YUH
Guy1: oo yea, I would.
by Nadsafs March 14, 2009
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Scoped, as in jacked, gacked, twacked, geeked, all cracker, and/or spun the fuck out on meth....
"Did y'all check that dude? Brah was hella gacked... Straight scoped the fuck out, fo sho."

Dude came at us all jacked up. Hadn't slept in almost a week. He all going off about how the Feds are following him or some crazy shite. He trying to sell some shitty $2 girls huffy he jacked from my neighbors little sister.... He's trying to get $60 for it, and I'm all, nah man... Take a nap, Brotha.... You're scoped out of ya fuckin mind, yo... On the reel... He all twitches and hobbles off, all muttering about aliens or some shisz.... Man, fuckin scoped out, scandalous-ass MF tweekers 'round here... That's shishz some straight up bullshet right there, dog. Fah real!"
by iCoinedThat1 January 12, 2017
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