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Take a powder for awhile, find an isolated area where you know noone & hide out
After her boyfriend dumped her & she lost her job, she wanted to lay low.
by TMFT. August 04, 2005
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Someone who lays low is someone who stays very much in the background and rejects the temptation to draw attention to himself.
Deep: Let's try and get some gash tonight.

Saffy: Mate lay low, yeah?

Jock: He can't. I'm the master of laying low...sundoooo!

*Jock proceeds to lay low*
by RobDonan September 04, 2011
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What you do when the cops and/or gangster's are after yo' ass.
"I be layin'-low for a while, until shit calms down at least."
by Diego September 04, 2003
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ta tell someone ta bac tha fuc up, quit talkin shit
that mo fucka better lay low before i pop a cap in his ass
by LayzieLoca October 05, 2003
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To Watch Your Fuccin Bacc.
yo,nigga you betta Lay Low befo' my nigga peels a cap in ya ass
by LodiDodi October 24, 2008
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