When two guys are having sex and they both take turns being the bottom.
"Hey, check out Scotty"
"Dude, you're not a bottm"
"Scotty flip flops so you gotta take it in the ass if you wanna plow him in the ass"
"I'm ready..."
by Okogeman July 11, 2008
1. When you can't stay on one side of an argument or situation
2. When you try to be cool with everyone

3. When you're arguing with someone but the next moment you're kissing ass with them.
Daniel is just another flip flop with the guy who's been bullying him for years.
by NTNitingale August 19, 2020
A Cultured child’s worst fear
by Offsetonset March 14, 2018
When someone is acting unacceptable, childish, or obnoxious. Flip flop behavior includes being annoying, upsetting, and disappointing to people around. People that are flip flops are inconsistent and wastes everyone's time.
"I talked to Andre again yesterday but he was acting like a little flip flop bitch."
"Did he cancel plans with you again?"
"Like usual."
by InfinityBlasts January 6, 2016
A person who, one the one hand is the biggest geek you have ever met in your life... and on the other hand raves it up on a friday night!
Person One: Olivia was in the library last night till like 3 am, and now she's drunk on the bathroom floor
Person Two: She's such a flip flop
by AiteMate? February 5, 2010