often used in Quebec in the form of: Tabarnak.

Tabernacle is a swear.
1 Tabarnak! Kossé k'tu vien de faire la!?
2 Toé mon tabarnak!
by soulvacuum January 6, 2005
To confirm a statement. Snoop Dogg does use this but I believe Bishop Don Magic Juan originated it but it is used as a synonym for Church or chuuch or Preach. Other examples would be things like "real talk" or "Word." As to strongly confirm a statement or idea.
Man i swear people be fake as hell any more. Preach brotha, church, tabernacle.
by Yung Sock May 28, 2017
People that say the won’t bring drugs but bring them anyway
“I don’t think we should do drugs this weekend”
“Surprise, I brought a ball anyway”
Oh you bloody tabernacle
by selbs September 4, 2021
The housing behind the altar where the Eucharist is kept.
"Dude, put that Jesus bread in the tabernacle."
"Dude, that word so reminds me of 'tackle'."
by Soiled Undergarment July 9, 2003
Means "tent" in Latin.

This is where the remainder of the unconsumed consecrated Hosts from the mass are stored after Mass, usually for adoration.
The Body of Christ is stored in the tabernacle, therefore, Jesus is physically present inside of the tabernacle.
by nikkan_hanil July 2, 2004
When one has tissue paper stuck to their genitals after cleaning up from coitus
I must have had a great night, I woke up with a tabernacle!
by Fireman456 April 28, 2015