Body of Christ in the Catholic church. Yes, you are cannibalizing of of our lord, JC, you savage. Stop pretending you are doing the world a service and stop eating people.
Today, I ate a man at mass. His name was Jesus Christ, and he tasted a lot like bread. The Eucharist was transformed into his body and the Wine was transformed into his blood for my consumption.
by Bad C dev March 12, 2021
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A quirky, fun guy who loves the company of friends. He's intelligent, kind, and laidback. Incredibly talented and witty, Eucharist is a great person to have a conversation with. The weirdest thing about him? He loves sushi.
I'm really lucky to have met Eucharist.
by 15between April 13, 2013
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A large box of bed sheets.
I went to the store to buy a eucharist.
by Jose DEqueruve June 30, 2005
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An ancient sex act, common between Christ and his apostles by which he shared his blood and body with those closest to him. This was practiced by early Christians, especially the Gnostics, and has been extensively documented by Elaine Pagels, Professor Emeritus of Religion at Princeton University, as well as by other scholars.

The Eucharist is performed every Sunday in every Catholic Church. The priest offers wine and wafer to the supplicant, and the divine miracle of transubstantiation transforms those profane precursors into the body and blood of Christ.
My favorite part of Sunday service is receiving Eucharist from my priest!
by Honest Curio January 28, 2023
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