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What fans of urbandictionary.com have when they start defining people instead of actual terms.
When I defined my friend, I had urban psychosis! Eek! o.o
by nikkan_hanil May 5, 2004
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An awesome song by The Buckwheat Boys. If you don't like it, you gay 'cause it has gret vocals and fantastice instrumentals.
Let's hear it for the dancing banana!
by nikkan_hanil January 17, 2004
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A certain thing that turns an individual on. Some are understandable, but most are just sick and fucked up. Realistic fetishes are "normal" but only losers have the unrealistic ones.
Common "real" fetishes: Big tits, chubby women, shaved...

Unrealistic fetishes (for losers): Furry, inflation, shemale, multiple breasts...
by nikkan_hanil December 15, 2003
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Someone with the affinity or attraction to lipids. Literraly an FA.
Lipophile=Someone who is sexually attraced to thick people.
by nikkan_hanil July 1, 2004
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Crap. They usually taste like the aforementioned word. They are dough rings deep fried in fat and them topped with some sort of sweet ingredient like glaze or sugar. I hate donuts. Then again, they are preyed on upon many girls making them pretty damned plump so I guess they're no all that bad... :3
Eaten also by master genius Homer Simpson.
-"God, I HATE donuts!"
*Fat girl eats donut*
"Wait wait, nm..." :3

-Homer wouldn't be half as funny if he weren't so desperate fo donuts.
by nikkan_hanil December 13, 2003
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Character on the SNK fighting series "The King of Fighters". Has a similar fighting style to Kyo. Silly in personality.
I will own you with Shingo on my side anyday.
by nikkan_hanil July 2, 2004
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