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"Neko" is sometimes refferred to by the otakus to anme cat girls, but to the normal, it's just "cat".
by nikkan_hanil January 15, 2004
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Or NexusTK.

MMORPG set in ancient Korea.

Charges $10 a month. Should be $5 a month.
-I'm just chillin' with muh man GeoCyrik smokin' herb pipes and sippin' rice wine in tha Koguryo town when some n00b steps up to us and says "KOREA!!!1!".
by nikkan_hanil July 29, 2004
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What's this? A punk band that is not AFI and does not suck total ass? It's true. ^_^
I don't need to give you no damn example! >_<;
by nikkan_hanil December 10, 2003
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Books and comic publications from Japan. Most manga are made into anime and vice versa. Usually reads right to left. Sold in the USA as graphic novels.
The anime version of the manga, "Real Bout High School" was an utter disgrace.
by nikkan_hanil December 15, 2003
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Something that a lot of people are paranoid about because if what they liked was popular, they wouldn't be "cool" anymore.
"This band rules."
*Band gets popular*
"This band sucks."
by nikkan_hanil June 30, 2004
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1. To worship a deity/spirit/person showing utter reverence, devotion, and love.

2. To contact spirit(s) that are beyond regular means of human communication for means of asking favors, giving intentions, showing forgiveness, asking of the prayers of the spirit(s), showing reverence or tribute, etc...
1. To worship God.
2. To contact a saint or spirit.
by nikkan_hanil June 30, 2004
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