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1. The swirly thingamabobs in your Ramen that tast like bean curd.
2. Decent manga about some ninja kids.
1. I ate the naruto.
2. My friend really likes the Naruto manga.
by nikkan_hanil December 11, 2003

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Forget 50 Cent and Nelly and such: Gorillaz make REAL hip hop music. They're animation and style only adds to their awesomeness. ^^
Gorillaz' music rules.
by nikkan_hanil December 14, 2003

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Pretzel or Biscuit sticks dipped in fudge of various flavors.

Tasty, but overrated and monstrously expensive for just chocolate sticks (Two Pack: $5 at anime conventions $1.99 atr Oriental markets). Mostly eaten for image purposes rather than actual taste by anime fans.

Not as tasty or cheap as Pepero, a Korean biscuit stick that is manufactured by Lotte.
Otaku: "Oshi desu!! Pocky, how kawaii!" *throws $5 at man for 2-pack*

Regular guy: *Looks on with 89 cent 2-pack of Pepero* "Idiot."
by nikkan_hanil July 02, 2004

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A sport that was apparently popular enough to have a category on urbandictionary.com.
Check that little slidebar when you define a word.
by nikkan_hanil June 30, 2004

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Art. Misinterpreted by government and mainstream as "destroying" property. Graffiti is only art when it is not offensive or crude like suburban graffiti that simply has curse words and crude drawings of male and female genitalia. Graffiti is done by paint, ink, scratching glass, etc...
That graffiti in downtown is some hot shyt, but the graffiti in the neighborhood just sucks.
by nikkan_hanil November 19, 2003

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Something that will never exist, especially given the fact that everyone thinks that thier own personal fave is "teh best band evar!1!1!!1!one!".
"Hi. I am a random urbandictionary.com user and I think that _____ is the best band ever."
by nikkan_hanil July 29, 2004

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The girl featured in the many "Mosh Girl" photos. Also a term to describe the internet craze that was started by this particular character.

The original picture depicted a girl hardcore dancing with many onlookers observing in disgust. The picture was taken on January 3, 2005 at the Che Cafe in San Diego, California.

There have been numerous Photoshopped versions of this picture that have been posted on forums and websites all over the internet. Most of them serve a humorous motive.
"Ha ha. Look, someone just posted another Photoshopped Mosh Girl pic again..."
by nikkan_hanil May 10, 2005

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