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A man with only one testicle.

Synonyms: Uni-ball, oddball, pansy, one nut,
Why do you guys always refer to Gregg as uninut? Oh, because his wife told us he only has one testicle. He's a real oddball.
by SwiftyDefines February 27, 2015
1) A term Cougars use for describing their prey.

2) Young male, generally 18-25, that gets picked up and screwed by older chicks.
Did you hear Fred's wife has a thing for pop tarts? Yeah. I always knew she was after the younger guys.
by SwiftyDefines February 25, 2015
When your paramour is trying to whisper you sweet words but you can't hear shit they are saying because they talk like they have a mouth full of marbles.
Oh Sylvia, I can't wait to be next to you tonight and have you whisper me sweet mumbles.
by SwiftyDefines August 31, 2017
When someone tells you too much shit.
Matt: I'm pooping, call or text when you get here and I'll run down.

Matt's wife: TMI, you sick fuck.
by SwiftyDefines April 7, 2015