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"Turbo Direct Injection" Diesel... bada$$ engine made by Volkswagen Automotive Group.
"He drives a Golf TDI."
by ::analogue:: March 26, 2004
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Total Drama Island; A Canadian television show where 22 sixteen year old kids stay at a crummy old summer camp for 8 weeks. They form alliances, romance, and marshmallow ceremonies. Whoever doesn't receive a marshmallow walks down the Dock of Shame into the Boat of Losers and never return to Camp Wawanakwa for good
"Hey dude, let's watch TDI"
"The TDI Marathon is on right now"

by Gabbyx March 19, 2009
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Textaully Trasnmitted Disease or T.D.I

you get this disease when you suffer from frequent texting which leads to blurry eye sight and part of body where you keep your phone vibrates for no apparent reason.
Guy 1: Dude mom's pissed at you because you keep checkin' your pocket like your texting!

Guy 2: I know! I got a T.D.I last night from Lauren!
by Newfield February 18, 2009
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Two Drinks In

1. The point of the evening where you are legendary. You are hilarious. You cannot lose. You are a fucking sex god. You should be able to keep this level, shouldn’t you? If you balance your drinks… maybe have the odd soft drink in between, you can remain at this level of awesome.

2. That magical, perfect point of the evening where she is at her sexiest and most beautiful. She can’t wait to get you home and do the filthiest things with you. In fact, she’s going to call that friend of hers with the big tits and have that threesome you always dreamed about. Oral is on the cards and anal is definitely gonna happen as soon as she gets you back. “Don’t worry…” she says “I won’t change my mind, this is gonna happen”

TDI immediately precedes Three.D.I.
"This is gonna be the best night ever... as long as we can keep T.D.I. tonight will be legendary"
by SweatyG May 15, 2016
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tiny dick inside or
tiny dickhead inside

This refers to people who drive like idiots, especially in South Africa.

It is another way of referring to street racers and other drivers who stick to the rear end of your car like glue when behind you and can not get away when they are directly in front of your car.
This asshole in the ford in front me is a prime example of TDI.

People with severe cases of TDI can usually be found driving the main roads of a town at night.
by T4FF3R May 07, 2007
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He called me "fat and ugly" after I rejected his one word online advances/unsolicited dick pic. Total TDI.

He has balls hanging from the back of his jacked up truck. UGH... What a TDI.
by DaddyKoala September 20, 2018
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Team Damage Inc

Best Damn gaming clan playing COD in TWL right now.
Those TDI guys are awesome
by ImRickJamesBitch February 19, 2004
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