An online little dick club where people with either no or some gaming skill can join to play a multi-player game. They are usually pointless, but provide a large amount of gaming servers on which they own and humiliate other players because being in a clan makes them feel like they are in an organized gang. Being in a gang is obviously cool (at least according to them). They are usually seen in packs and will most likely stack the team. Upon being called out on this by fellow outsiders, they will mock them and tell them to "gtfo noob" in order to discredit any team-stacking, cheating, or similar tomfoolery.
<game>L|mana annihilated Timmy.
Timmy: You guys are stacking, I want a votescramble:
L|miyari: stfu noob.
Timmy: Come on man, stop this gaming clan stacking!
L|kenny: lol, ya, stfu nub
Timmy: lolk
by maschinetheist May 28, 2010