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the afrikaans for pig fucker, effective when slagging anyone off
the idiot who drove into my car is a varkfokker
by T4FF3R January 13, 2008

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A less rude form of dickhead. A way of insulting someone while being within the bounds of anti-profanity filters.
Our president is such a dumb skewerhead.

Stop being such a skewerhead!
by T4FF3R May 10, 2007

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South African slang for gay. Used mainly by afrikaans-speaking people to refer to homosexuals, especially men.
quit acting skeef you dickhead.

He looks skeef, is he?

fuck off u skeef naai
by T4FF3R June 04, 2007

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tiny dick inside or
tiny dickhead inside

This refers to people who drive like idiots, especially in South Africa.

It is another way of referring to street racers and other drivers who stick to the rear end of your car like glue when behind you and can not get away when they are directly in front of your car.
This asshole in the ford in front me is a prime example of TDI.

People with severe cases of TDI can usually be found driving the main roads of a town at night.
by T4FF3R May 07, 2007

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