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Team Damage : an elite group of extremely good-looking people led by the beautiful and handsome Chris Damage. Everyone wishes they trapped as hard as The Team.
Your MCM: Bro the concert was lit af last night nigga it got even doper when Team Damage showed up and fucked all of our bitches
by TheKingDamage March 23, 2017
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The process by which one team member of any given game either on accident, or on purpose, makes a move or uses a projectile to harm another team member/members removing anywhere from 1% to 99% of health or armor.
*player 1: (pulls out grenade; holds down trigger; slips off trigger) grenade thrown to team to commit team damage. (-6 points)

*player 2: (don't hurt your teammates!) 64% health
*player 3: (Cease fire!) 2% health
*player 4: (check your fire!) 45% health

*player 2 "how do I initiate a vote?"
by Josh Ruth September 11, 2006
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