An animated reality TV show, that is completely hysterical. The show includes drama, action, and romance.

The two most popular couples are:

Duncan and Courtney: The classic opposites attract couple, whom everyone wants to get together. Duncan in a juvenile delinquent with a big heart, while Courtney is the by-the-book prep who follows the rules but has a wild side. They're crazy about each other, but won't admit it. They eventually kiss in "Basic Straining".

Gwen and Trent: These two are the most dramatic couple. Gwen is the cool goth chic, and Trent is the lovable musician. Gwen and Trent liked each other from the very start. They had a few mishaps, but by the end of the season, they were dating.
Duncan: So the Princess has a dark side.
Courtney: OK. That was so gross. But it was like once I did something bad it was so much fun I just wanted more!
Duncan: Well, you could give me that kiss. That would be pretty bad.
Courtney: You're still not my type.
Duncan: Fine. Enjoy a peanut-butterless life.
Courtney: Thanks. Enjoy prison.
Duncan: I will. (Courtney kisses him)

The most popular couple on Total Drama Island gets together.
by Jedi*Master*Girl March 31, 2009
This animated series from Canada spoofs survival programs by recounting the misadventures at Camp Wawanakwa, an island retreat where 22 teens compete in extreme challenges while vying for the $100,000 grand prize. Every three days, at a campfire ceremony, the host passes out marshmallows to players who are safe. The sad camper who doesn't get a marshmallow must walk down the Dock of Shame to the Boat of Losers, which will bear him back to his mundane life.

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Total Drama Island Is Good I guess
by YourBoyTyler June 19, 2018
An animated reality tv series in which two teams of campers compete in various contests on an island in the boonies of Canada.
Okay Total Drama Island campers! Today you all face the biggest challenge yet: the going down a 100-foot sliding board lined with sandpaper while wearing a swimsuit contest! Each camper must ride the slide and land in a vat of lemon juice positioned at the bottom of the sliding board. The camper who screams the loudest wins! The losers will be tarred, feathered, and forced to watch commercial-free loops of this show. Any complaints and you'll have to share a bunk with Owen after we feed him baked beans and prune juice.

Cody: Dude, Trent, you should slide face down on your belly! Gwen will be so impressed!

Later, on video in the reeking, bug-infested camp latrine…

Gwen: I was really interested in Trent, but since he took Cody’s advice on the slide challenge, I’ve decided he’s not my type. It’s just as well, because yesterday I met this hunky emo sasquatch who plays the banjo!
by The Screaming Beaver July 25, 2008
An extremely funny cartoon reality series that involves a large group of 16-year-olds competing for lots of money.

It first started out as Total Drama Island where 22 teens were competing at Camp Wawanakwa, doing crazy, dangerous and sometimes gross Challenges to win.

The teens were Courtney, Tyler, Duncan, Lindsay, Heather, Harold, Owen, Trent, Ezekiel, Geoff, DJ, LeShawna, Gwen, Brigdette, Beth, Cody, Eva, Izzy, Katie, Sadie, Justin and Noah.

Total Drama Action is the sequel where the teens compete in an abandoned movie lot doing Challenges related to movie genres known to man.

The teens were Lindsay, Owen, Gwen, Trent, Duncan, Harold, LeShawna, Geoff, Heather, DJ, Bridgette, Beth, Justin, Izzy and Courtney.

This is followed by Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special which led to Total Drama World Tour. Sierra and Alejandro are the newcomers.

The show is hosted by Chris McLean and he is always accompanied by Chef Hatchet.

I'm a little bugged by the fact that some characters are kicked off before the new season starts.

But the one thing that bugs me the most is the censorship this series gets here in America. And it's because of Cartoon Network and the FCC. They mess with the dialouge, making the characters say things a five-year old would say and half or most of the edits don't make any since at all, making the show less funny. If you ask me, they should have left the show in Canada or they should have just released the way it was originally made.
Conversation that involves Total Drama Island/Action:

Boy: Who's your favorite character in the Total Drama Series?

Girl: Lindsay.
by AnimeandToonLover May 20, 2010
The newest season in the Total Drama "reality show" franchise taking place at Camp Wawanakwa again. This season has 26 contestants and are seperated into two teams: the Devious Deer and Tremendous Tortoises.
by TDI:A! Fan December 8, 2009
A new series in the Total Drama franchise. 27 campers were brought to the mysterious Thunder Island, a rare island in the Bermuda Triangle. Eventually they were voted off one by one until Tory the tomboy won the grand prize.
Last time on Total Drama Island: Totally Interactive!
by TDI:TI Fan July 15, 2010
Tied for worst season of the tv show Total Drama. Total Drama Pahkitew Island randomly put in a whole new cast of character where only 2 of them were decent characters (Ella and Jasmine),while the other characters were dogshit. The season completely derailed our lord and saviour Chris Mclean into a psychopath like the rest of the cast.
Man if Total Drama Pahkitew Island was good we would finally have world peace.
by caryolky December 20, 2021