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girl 1: "What store did you get those at? They're totally prefab!"

girl 2: "The designer let me keep them after I modeled them in a fashion show."
by Mandraquex3000 September 01, 2016
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1. (adjective) A building whose components are built off-site (prefabricated), then assembled on-site. The quality of these homes ranges from cheap-ass trailers to the multi-million dollar modular buildings. Prefab homes are at the cutting edge of contemporary architecture (especially green architecture).

2. (noun) A person whose opinions, behavior, style, and/or tastes are determined entirely by others. Prefabs often do not know what the fuck they are talking about, as they rarely take the time to think through what they have been told.

3. (adjective) Of or relating to a prefab.
1. "A Honda Prius pulled up into the driveway of the new prefab home on the block."

2. "Bono indoctrinates the prefabs."

3. "The prefab protestors, unable to adequately respond to the harsh criticism, resorted to name-calling and accusations of racism, sexism, and ungodliness."
by Der Warlord Lol December 31, 2007
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To "Pre-fabricate" the basis for calling in sick from work or missing an appointment the following day.
About an hour before closing time, John pulls out a bottle of Pepto-Bismal and places it on the top of his desk. As co-workers draw pass by, John complains that his stomach is upset. Later that night, I spot John at the Bar, hanging out with his buddies. The next morning, John calls in Sick. Johns Pepto routine was clearly a Pre-Fab for calling in sick the next day.

As Bill get's ready to leave the office, he complains about a pinched nerve in his neck and says "I need to see a Chiropractor". Bill is most likely Pre-Fabbin', we don't expect to see him at work tomorrow
by l3illdo February 08, 2011
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Something prefabricated, especially a building or section of a building...

manufactured in standard sizes to be shipped and assembled elsewhere; "a prefabricated structure"

A double large mobilehome for instance is pre-fabricated and moved elsewhere.

-- Games call they're structures "prefabs" usually, such as the buildings in maps on games.
by Jon_K June 21, 2003
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aka "prefabricated," or "pre-fie" a man with a house, car, job, and kid, a prefabricated life for a woman to join
I want to get myself a nice prefab.
by Dawn007 June 22, 2008
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