New Zealand version of a useless individual who is unable to play sports.

Lacks confidence but shows ignorance

The beginning of a last name
Is he a Ta'avao? Definitely should be put out on the bench
by mramazing2010 August 18, 2010
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another term for male "cum" or ejactulation
"dude this girl was giving me head and i ta all her face."
"dude thats epic!"
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Often used by drunken residents of Worcester County, Massachusetts. Ta is an expression that is used to respond to a statement with the effect of "I wasn't listening to you and I don't really care about that." Originated at Rieatta Ranch Flea Market.
Person 1: "It rained cats and dogs here in Arizona today!"
Person 2: "Ta!"
Person 1: "mmkay.. have you been drinking again, Tituba?"
by negal01 January 14, 2007
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The bullshit 2 letter word Rich used to win the game of scrabble even though he has never used it in his entire life.
“When was the last time you said ta? Seriously? No one has ever said that ever!”
by Buck buckets June 12, 2018
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