hell yes, fuck yeah, you know it no doubt; thats a dumb question
Q. Hey dude, are you gonna score tonight or what?
A. Yessir!
by DooKiecaRot September 27, 2003
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a compound form of the words "yes sir" the term yessir is a form of agreement
D'Shawn: We gon hit up the strip club tomorrow?
Reggie: Yessir
by Jonah 27 April 7, 2006
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just a .+*special*+. way to say Y E S
friend: so you like to eat chicken
friend2: yessir
by Xx_.roach0502 _XX. September 12, 2020
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Slang Manx term for the calling of a friend or acquaintance.
Alright, yessir?

How the hell are you, yessir?
by Spidey July 2, 2003
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yessir is a way of saying yes sir or yes mama but faster
mark said "go get the paper" jack replied "yessir"
by uwuowovo June 2, 2020
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a word- usually a 'ghetto' word used by wannabe white rich kids (our so-called friends) in Atherton and other well-off neighborhoods in california.
alos refed in the beginning of "Let's Get Blown"
(wannabe black- but actually white 14 year old person)- aight man, we be chillin at mah crib
(other wannabe)- YESSIR!
by madeline April 9, 2005
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