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When you are standing next to somebody either in an Elevator, Checkout Lane, or Bar etc. and they answer their phone via Bluetooth and then you respond.
(In an Elevator a guy walks in)

Stranger: Hey, Whats Up?
You: Not much, just glad the days over....
*Stranger Looks at you like you an idiot*
Stranger: Yea, I will grab some milk on my way home.
You: (Mentally) Crap, he had a fucking Bluetooth and wasn't talking to me. I hope no one noticed. That was severe pwnage by Bluetooth
by RedWhiteandDead November 29, 2007
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When you give it to a girl so hard in the butt that her bum starts to bleed.
Ron: I gave it to lucy so hard last night she started to bleed out her butthole.
Tom: What did you do?
Ron: I licked it up. I love Ass Ketchup its sooooooo kinky.
Tom: Wow you are weird.
by RedWhiteAndDead February 04, 2008
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Spanish for having sex
Able: Oooo you get some tas tas last night?
Gus: Naw man no tas tas for me. Those girls were nastay.
by Redwhiteanddead June 02, 2008
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