what i would very much like to say to George H. W. Bush
Oh my god why did Bush get re-elected? can't i just say bye bye to that dumbass hick?
by yungbuck4ever April 28, 2007
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baby, infant, newborn -bye bye to your time, money, quiet, corvette, stratocaster, etc ...hello to slavery and ego pump!
we had our bye bye and did some trading: good bye to our, money, time, quiet, things...-hello to us as saviors!
by michael foolsley December 2, 2009
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a term originated in delran, new jersey. used as a way to make fun of someone in a playful way.
*player on opposing team trips over ball in soccer game*
Keven: "bye bye bye"
by justjoshin937 November 24, 2016
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When something you say can go both ways, either good or bad, like a bisexual.
Alex: Hey, I'm Bout to have this one girl come to my house, but I never met her before.
Mike: Really? Are you nervous?
Alex: I dont know man its a bye bye.
by Alex Palmieri March 9, 2009
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n/ Most commonly used before a break-up (but can apply to other situations as well) a type of "last meal" to say farewell.
She had enough with me and took me to the local burger joint and we shared a basket of bye bye fries.
by Desrever March 22, 2009
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A box u put in after not eating din din
Dave was put in the bye bye box
by Thegaycummieboi February 16, 2018
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When one waves hello or goodbye, the fat on their arm may appear to flap in a waving matter as well. Most commonly seen on obese people and mothers.
Soccer mom: "Have fun at soccer, Jimmy! I love you!"

Jimmy: "Okay mom, I love you too!"

Friends: "Man. Jimmy, your mom has some serious bye-bye arm."
by Nosredna Ekul August 5, 2009
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