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Eden is a beautiful , tall and a youthful girl who is sensitive at heart but struggles to let out her emotions sometimes. She's the type of person that doesn't show to others that she's upset and can easily brush things off. She can use her humor to cover up her hurt. She has a great sense of humor and is usually very social but at the same time very shy. She brings out the crazy and fun side in people and has usually suffered from something in the past but never lets it get to her. She has bright alluring eyes and a great spirit. Eden is not aware of her amazing beauty but everyone around her is.
'What's your friend's name?'
'It's Eden, she's awesome.'
by paradise97 July 14, 2013
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The most amazing person ever inside out. When she walks in she lights up the room. Everyone would be lucky to be her friend. She always has a smile on her face even when life is hard. She has been through alot.There is no words to describe her and what she means to someone. Any guy would be lucky to marry her. She is my angel.
Random girl: hey who are you thinking about asking to the dance

Guy: I thinking about asking Eden, she so fine!!!
by Bernieee January 11, 2014
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Eden is a bright girl in the brains department however never shows off her talents.
As manybif her friends will agree Eden has many truebfruends that stick by her through everything, She knows what to say in the right situation, she has many sidesntobher personality; funny, serious, good talker swell as a listener, people around her feel like they could talk to Eden about anything.
As being great in the brains department she is also HOT, Smoking hot. Although Eden is very self councious about her looks everyone else is envious of her.
Dude 1; you see Eden?
Dude 2; yeah..
Dude 1; shes FIT.
by Eden lovers. November 12, 2011
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A source of laughter and love. Usually a name for a girl. Has been blessed by god with the sweetest smile and strongest heart. Always fights for whatshe strongly believes in. Blesses her friends everday with all her love.
Is the prettiest person i know. By her hair right down to her heart. She is wise beyond her years. She melts all the boys hearts. I am so thankful to have her in my life.
Eden always makes me happy
by Heidbdgdjeb December 25, 2016
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A girl who's eyes put a spell on every boy's mind. Who's smile can melt a thousand hearts. Who's beauty is more blinding than the sun, yet it falls into nothingness compared to the beauty of her personality. So much kindness to give, so much love to share. Funny but all so serious. So strong, yet so fragile and sensitive. Like a flower so delicate, but only he who knows how to handle it with care can do its true beauty justice..
Dude1:You know that girl over at 16th street in Villagonzalo?
dude2: yeah who doesn't, she's a real Eden
Dude1: yeah a real Eden
by Raul Clyne January 07, 2007
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A beautiful girl, if you're one of her closest friends she will be as loyal as a dog. If you're one of her enemy's BEWARE she will most likely murder you! She is tough on the outside but compassionate on the inside, don't mess with her or her friends. And never betray her, cause' she has trust issues
Amy: Hey guess what happened

Danny: What?
Amy: I betrayed Eden and....
Danny: And?
Amy: She poured hot chocolate down my back
by banana-r-cool July 14, 2015
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