When turning into Lou Ferrigno you go green and start beatin the shit outta everything.
I just went Lou Ferrigno on my ex because she called me again.
by Bumphree the cow October 28, 2013
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The act of cumming on a girl's stomach then pretending to turn into the Hulk in order to avoid cuddling.
"She wanted to cuddle but I had to pull The Lou Ferrigno"
by twoody April 21, 2013
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Used at the beginning of a sentence to lend star credibility to whatever is about to be said.
Lou Ferrigno is right, I look really good in orange.
by Jim_Dittlemeyer August 8, 2009
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The Lou Ferrigno Rule states that a person wearing glasses cannot be punched in the face by anyone ... not even Lou Ferrigno.
Woah man, you can't punch him, he's wearing glasses. That'd be breaking The 'Lou Ferrigno' Rule!
by LachbobFistyboy November 25, 2010
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